The desire for elsewhere. The melodic accent and the promises of a new day. Lightweight fabrics, sunny prints, and airy volumes for going far away.

Maison Stella & Suzie continues to evolve with inspirations blending travels, encounters, and trends. In love with prints, Margaux Minguez Lahana shares her inspirations with the rhythm of collections. She sets the tone to make the Maison a ready-to-wear brand that creates accessible and characterful pieces, designed to live on and be passed down.

Through its inspirations, the Maison aims to highlight the accomplished and independent woman. Our mission is to continually create modern wardrobe essentials that inspire women every day.

Six years later, the brand continues its evolution by now offering a unique collection every month, in limited quantities and without restocking. A new turning point, allowing us not only to limit the encouragement towards overconsumption but also to focus even more on the quality and development of each of our new collections.

The Brand Universe


A major asset of the creations. Prints in all their forms. They are found on blouses, dresses, and even as a total look on our suits. Often romantic, sometimes spicy, they unfold throughout our stories. Seasonal prints to understand the tone of the collections.


She who reinvents herself with the changing seasons, that we make our own according to our desires. To wear it against the skin, for the first rays of sunshine that warm the hearts, for the improvised dance steps and all the secrets we entrust to it. They assert and reveal our ideas. They tell our story and help us to write new ones. Our heroines from the beginning and forever.


The one around whom we build a look, who disrupts the norms. Our Bonnie and Clyde, a couple that turns heads and captivates hearts. Jacket and pants to match and work wonders. Shorts version in the summer to reveal sun-kissed skin. We can count on it; it never disappoints us.


The wardrobe essentials, reinvented endlessly. They delight our rushed mornings and the appointments we don't want to miss. To cherish and complete over the years.


Tenderness, comfort, and plenty of softness... Worn under a blouse or directly on the skin, it's a delightful embrace.


The one around whom we build a look, master of the slender silhouette and weathered denim, the life of the party in all circumstances. On the agenda: character, modesty, and sex appeal. Our totem piece, crossing seasons and eras. The one we trust, boosting our appearance and flattering our shapes.