our history

Maison Stella & Suzie is a House built through a love affair with fashion, created by Margaux Minguez-Lahana with the support of her husband in 2017. Since her early childhood, this young mother has been deeply passionate about this music that rocked her whole life: fashion. His journey begins by unearthing new brands, then distributing them online in the form of exclusive capsules every Sunday at 6 p.m. Thus, the genesis of the company is born during the creation of a Concept Store.

Very quickly, love becomes passion. And choosing, unearthing, is no longer enough. So it's about touching fabrics, scissors and pencils. A year after its debut, Stella & Suzie launches its own brand, promoted under the name "Stella & Suzie Création". Then was born the desire to flourish in what the designer loves the most, accompanied by her husband and a team of twenty people constituting a real family.

Thus, it is in December 2019 that the first claw comes out. In June 2020, the concept store disappears to make way for 100% creation collections. In September 2020, the brand becomes Maison Stella & Suzie.

Origin of the name

“Stella for my grandmother, my second mother (my first in fact). Esther in real life but she always preferred Stella. Stella is her. It's a part of me, it's also my middle name (Esther)"

“Suzie for my husband. This is the name of his first bass guitar. The music again... his. Today all his guitars share this name as well as the living room wall. Suzie it's him. A common project. A new page of life. Same music again...

Margaux Minguez Lahana

Our foundations

A capsule collection is available every month. These are feminine, bohemian and chic. Maison Stella & Suzie is committed to working with suppliers who respect the environment and work in line with their ethics.

Today, this House is made up of around forty women and men overflowing with passion and creativity. 2021 marks the beginning of a new era with the arrival of the brand in retail, with a corner at Printemps Haussmann in May, then, in July, the opening of the House's first store in Toulouse. In 2022, the House settles in the heart of the city of Bordeaux. This is followed in 2023 by the opening of a new store in Aix-en-Provence and many more to come...

For nearly 6 years, the brand has never stopped evolving. For the Fall-Winter 2022/23 season, knits and new product families have made their appearance. And always solar prints and bright colors. Our foundations. A story that still holds great surprises in 2023.