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Maison Stella & Suzie is a House built through a love story with fashion, created by Margaux Minguez Lahana and with the support of her husband...


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Maison Stella & Suzie is committed to building strong relationships with responsible suppliers who work in line with the House's ethics...



More than a promise, a raison d'être in the making, at Maison Stella & Suzie, we aim to accentuate our commitment to eco-responsibility and responsible consumption. Our requirements regarding the quality of the selected fabrics and the pieces designed in our Toulouse workshop are also at the heart of our attention in order to be able to offer our customers durable fashion pieces, which will follow them over the years. Thus, we have at heart, in the long term, to certify the entirety of our collections.

Maison Stella & Suzie is also committed to supporting foundations that convey values ​​and hope. This is why the House was able to provide assistance to the Manentena Foundation, which works with children in Madagascar and gives them access to education, culture and equal opportunities.

After more than a year and a half of work with the foundation, it was in 2022 that Maison Stella & Suzie financed the purchase of photovoltaic panels in order to make an orphanage in Madagascar autonomous in electricity and water.

In 2020, Maison Stella & Suzie launched its "Chapeau Madame" operation by creating a T-shirt to promote the actions of Pink October, and donating part of the sales to the association.

This story, which is also yours, we continue to write every day thanks to you… You who have followed us since our beginnings. Many thanks to all of you.


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