A season dedicated to noble materials, a season to assert your personality with exclusive pieces, pieces of character. The authenticity of vintage leather, the elegance of a real skin jacket or even the charm of a suede ensemble. Pieces aged over the years, buried in secrets and soaked in memories, which make them even more beautiful, more alive.


Noble material, sophisticated cut & meticulously crafted details:

the House’s first shearling is making its debut this fall.

We adopt it and never take it off: layered over a little dress, a shirt or a jacket. Uriel plays with the codes of elegance and is adorned with details that make the difference: leather duffle coat button, contrasting leather bias on the armholes, set of topstitched cuts...

An emblematic creation of this season, which reflects timeless and refined elegance: a certain interpretation of women by Maison Stella & Suzie.

URIEL & mael, WHO are you?

Durable pieces designed to live and be passed down.

100% Leather piece
Certified Leather Working Group (LWG)
Designed by four hands in our Toulouse offices
Unique creation. The work of the skin makes each piece exclusive

This season, Maison Stella & Suzie unveils a selection of pieces for life.

Our creations embody femininity, confidence and elegance. They embody the woman, in all her forms, and in all her nuances.

Introducing, Roger & Nolan, Uriel & Mael, Josif & Emilien!

The House’s timeless pieces. Companions for today , but also for tomorrow.

To guarantee the exception of our creations, our certified leathers have been selected with the greatest care. Just like our woolen skins, from the food industry, which have been thought out and designed here, in our Toulouse offices, where every detail has been carefully worked.

This year, the House had this deep desire to offer you pieces of premium quality, which will follow you throughout your life, and beyond.

100% Leather piece
Certified Leather Working Group (LWG)
Unique creation.
The work of the skin makes each piece exclusive

Maison Stella et Suzie stands out this season with a collection of knitwear in different cuts and qualities, comforting and stylish to accompany us all winter and beyond.

A waltz of products: from light knits to thicker and warmer ones, fitted cuts to oversized shapes, neutral colors to bold shades...

With all one common characteristic: attention to quality and attention to personalized detail dear to the House.

A collection of pieces designed to curl up warm and elegantly for the approaching winter.

Audited workshop
Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified wool
High quality fibers