Our engagements

All of our pieces are imagined, designed and developed in Toulouse by the designer and the style team.

Maison Stella & Suzie is committed to building strong relationships with responsible suppliers who work in line with the House's ethics.


Sizing inclusiveness is at the heart of Maison Stella & Suzie's beliefs.

The House aims to dress all women, taking into account the greatest diversity of morphologies and sizes. In this sense, the Style team strives every month to offer pieces that adapt to everyone.

To do this, Stella & Suzie produces the majority of its pants and jeans from XXS (32) to XXXL (46).
The other pieces offered in the collections range from XS (34) to XL (42).

The House continues to work in this direction by taking into account the greatest diversity of morphologies and sizes. And this, so that they can feel good and beautiful in Maison Stella & Suzie.


At Maison Stella & Suzie, reasoned production is an issue.

In 2021, the House is reducing its collection releases by now offering a unique collection per month, in limited quantities and without restocking. A new turning point, allowing not only to limit the incentive towards the brand's customers to over-consumption but also to focus ever more on the quality and development of each of the new collections.


Margaux pays attention to the manufacture of her pieces and encourages “Made In Europe”: certified quality fabrics, precise colors, pretty drapes and respectful cuts. Thus, it favors fabrics that meet Oeko-Tex standards and are made of Organic Cotton.


The brand highlights the mastery and expertise of European countries by selecting its craftsmen according to their specialties: Turkey for the work of Denim, India for hand embroidery or Portugal for their know-how in production of leather shoes…


To date, the production of the Maison Stella & Suzie collections tends to become entirely European, it already is for the most part. For each collection, our Style team strives to find suppliers closest to us in order to limit the brand's carbon footprint.